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    Apache FTP setup

    Hi, i understand that there is a way to setup apache to allow users to connect through FTP. I need this for my university course, as we have to build an e-commerce website, and doing it in a group, not everyone will have access to my pc, so they need to be able to put files on my computer if i'm not around.

    Does ANYONE know how to setup Apache to do this?
    I'm running Apache version 1.3.8 i think. If this is not possible, what other programs are easy toi install onto SuSE 9.0?

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    All i found was this i also look though the index of Apache definitive guide and found nothing. You could install a FTP server such as pureFTP or proFTPD which are both exelent ftp daemons. and welcome to the forums

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    Giro is correct. Apache is an HTTP server, not an FTP server. if you want people to be able to upload files, checkout one of the FTP servers Giro suggested.


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    Thanks for the help guys. I was beginning to get REALLY annoyed with it! My mate KEEPS telling me that it IS an FTP server aswell, as long as you know how to set it up. But i couldn't find ANYTHING anywhere! I have seen sopmething VERY small about doing it on apache, but i think i'll just try one of the one's you suggested giro, cheers!

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