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    Red face Making grouped samba share folder

    Good afternoon.

    I trying to setup a samba share based in groups rules, but i cant open the grouped shared folders from my windows machines.

    For example:
    * I have 5 users.
    * All these users have a 'systems' group how the primary group.
    * In the the 'var' directory, i create the 'sharedDirectory' folder, for put many group directories there. The user an group for this folder is 'computer:computer'
    * Inside i have the 'systemsDep' directory, for share with my first 5 people. The permision is 775 and the owner is 'computer:systems'

    In samba i'm defined the 'systemShare' share as follow:
    comment=Systems group
    read list=@systems
    write list=@systems

    All my windows machines are XP. When i access from these machines, i provied my pass and samba user data, in that form, i can access to my home folder. Windows showme all share resources provided by Samba, and when i try to access to the systemsShare folder, i recive the message 'resource is not accesible...Contact administrator...find out if you have access permisions'.

    What is wrong here????

    Regards and have a nice day.

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    It's likely that there are two issues here:

    1. that the unix permissions are restricting access to the directories
    2. that the samba system is not authenticating windows users as linux users.

    To check and/or fix these make sure that:

    - the 'systems' and 'computer' group in /etc/group contain the unix usernames of all the users that you want to grant access to these directories.
    - each user has had a samba password set with 'smbpasswd -a <username>' and that it's the same password they use on windows
    - if any unix user names are different to windows user names you've mapped them correctly in /etc/samba/smbusers.

    As an additional comment, you may want to use the 'forcegroup' directive on this share definition, to fix the group of all files in the folder to 'systems' so everyone gets write access back to all the files (you dont have to do this, it depends on how you want the files to be managed).

    You shouldn't need both a 'validusers' and a 'read list/write list' declaration for the share. One or the other should do.
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