Ok, I host a few websites and use a vps. I am in Thailand, a country that likes to blocks sites it finds offensive. I am not out to visit offensive sites, but if I stumble across one of the more than 25,000 banned sites, I don't like snoopers knowing this. I put up a squid proxy server on my vps and limited access to just me(special login created). Everything was going great until today when I discovered the cyberclean.org page.

I don't know the mechanics of Squid, but how would they be able to intercept the site? I know they could with packet sniffing and session hijacking, right? What other ways? Is there any configuration changes I could make with Squid to prevent this from happening?

Right now, I am surfing through an ssh tunnel and no sites are being blocked but are there any changes I could make in squid itself? It is very scary to have all of your sessions either hijacked or packet sniffed.