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    2003 Server and Ubuntu.

    G'day all, Ive been given the task of trying to network two computers. Both to run as file servers, 1 Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, the other Ubuntu 5.10.

    Ive never used linux before and it is very conusing to me. From what ive done from the steps and walk throughs is the following.

    - I can install and connect to the Windows server acting as a file server and reach the shared folder ive setup.

    - Windows can see 2 domains - MSHOME and Ubuntu on the MSHOME domain. Windows on the domain. For some reason Ubuntu wont go under the domain even when i type in as the domain under computer name field.

    - As a result I cannot log into the ubuntu server though the MSHOME domain it is under. Im not sure if it is a result of not having a user domain password setup, even so i cannot log into the ubuntu from windows using the admin password setup for ubuntu.

    So basically i can access windows files from ubuntu. However i can only see and not access ubuntu files from windows. Any suggestions or help please?

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    setting the permission, and check the samba authentication methods, usually windows works best with user authentication. Im not a Debian user really (except agnula/demudi) but you should be able to configure the domain properly, dang I thought ubuntu was easy? When I used it, it seemed easy and incomplete, you should try Suse OSS, I have had nothing but great things with that and windows, thought the performance is lacking... nothing a little kernel hacking and prelink cant help !

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    How do i check the auth methods and permissions? And which server, ubunt or windows?

    I would rather not use linux at all, but its a college project and the problems we're encountering the teacher has no idea how to fix.

    Also, Ive encountered a point where ubuntu is no longer responsive. It will not open any administration application. And now windows no longer sees it on the network. Any ideas or is this doomed?

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    Check this link: Might be useful.
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    Ooh, google came through. Came across some blatent terminal programming.


    sudo su -a <username>
    re p/w


    sort thing. Just had to make sure that the user was on the ubuntu server, then sambarised it so to speak. Then i could log onto the Ubuntu file server from Microsoft Networks on the 2003 server machine. I hadnt set Ubuntu up properly i think, i had logical partitions for /swaps and /homes. Which seemed to make the system go beserk and not function after 1 hour of usage. Drove me nuts. But re installed and made all the partitions primary. Works like a dream now. Are able to see both PC's on the network, and access each other through password and usernames setup from either 03S or Ubunt. Theyre still on seperate domains. But if the teacher doesnt even know how to set them up on the same domain, how can she fail me for not doing it :P

    Saavy, projects done and just got to document it. Thanks for your help guys

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