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Thread: Apache Problems

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    Apache Problems

    Ok i am running apache on Fedora Core 1. I have a website set up and stored in /var/www/html....i think it is, whatever the default directory is. Now i cna open the page up in a browser using my IP as an address, but when anyone else tries it comes up with a page cannot be displayed. Now does anyone have any idea why that would be. I tried turning the firewall off completely but that didnt work. If anyone could comment or answer that would be great because i really want my page to be accesable.

    Side note, is there any software that i could use on Linux to work like Flash or Dreamweaver. That is not as important to me as the first question though.


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    How does your internal network look like?? Do you have a router?? Also check your /var/log/httpd/error_log access_log to see if you can find anything suspisious..


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    Yeh we need to know a bit about the network you more then likely need port fowarding but i can only assume untill we get more info. To your second question ST posted this at SFDC its a new WYSIWYG for Linux which looks ok.

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