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    simple server for Win XP network

    Is there a simple way to set up a server for the following.

    1) Windows Domain (i.e say 10 users log on a domain) so users can log onto the domain from any network pc (say 5 pcs)

    2) Share a network drive (120gb)

    Nothing else is required, so a full linux install seems to be over the top.

    is there a simpler way?

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    for the fileserving part, check out samba. You could do a minimal install of most distros and get what you are trying to achieve.
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    What you are asking is pretty much available in any distro. SUSE in particular is quite good for this and has straightforward configuration tools in YaST. I'm not sure what you mean by a full linux install - if you mean minimal package installation then this is quite possible from the menus at the the installation point, you may not even need an X server depending on your own experience level.

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    As of yet, samba only has a technology preview of an Active Directory server out, not yet ready for production use. It can, however, provide CIFS shares in version 3.0 and create Windows NT domains, I'm not entirely sure that windows xp can log onto this.

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    Yes, Windows XP can log on to NT domains; however, you are missing GPO support.

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