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    Hostname and Domain name help

    I'm not sure how to setup my hostname and domain name in /etc/hosts /etc/sysconfig/network and to masquerade my hostname properly to send e-mails in sendmail. I don't have a fqdn im just using my hostname which is what's throwing me. I don't want my emails out of sendmail to come from root@localhost.localdomain. right now my /etc/hosts file looks like: localhost.localdomain localhost
    ##.###.###.### gmail

    and the /etc/sysconfig/netowrk file looks like:

    NETWORKING = yes

    the reason for this was that i was trying to get my e-mails out of sendmail to appear to come from my gmail account. I could get this to work when i setup an account user, so my emails came from However the received header was still from localhost.localdomain. Since this was just an idea on how to try and get around doing it correctly thats what im looking for now. What should I setup my /etc/hosts, and /etc/sysconfig/network to look like so the received header doesn't come from localhost.localdomain. I have masquerading turned on in sendmail, and that makes the e-mail appear to come from gmail as well, but it doesn't change the received header, and masquerading the envelope doesn't either. Any ideas?


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    When and if you succeed, your e-mail will be blocked by most ISP's due to the alias "" Via DNS lookup, your IP will send a flag and will tag the mail as spoofed. If you have success with this, I will be surprised.

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    So what do you suggest

    So what would you suggest, and how do i fix this?



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