this is a complicated problem. in trying to be concise, i may sacrifice coherent meaning... let's try...

1: root@localhost - i've just learned that i shouldn't use root all of the time. i wasn't aware, and therefore was using it because of the seemingly "superior" capabilities.
2: apache & php & bluefish working fine together. active project will close and reload, custom Bf menus stay, etc-- it's all good as can be, far as i know.
3: while coding PHP on active project file in BlueFish, frustration takes me to Eclipse for the extended debugging and "hints" features. NOTE: i've used Eclipse previous, on this system, with great success-- in fact i was impressed at how well it worked!
4: Eclipse not functioning as i remembered. no php preview in the window below, and attempting to "view" the file w/ browser-- didn't work.
5: Proceed to try to reconfigure Eclipse settings so my php window would work as expected. this configuration attempt however -- i think i may have set something wrong-- it never worked w/ the preview.
6. open file in Bluefish again. edit to a viewable state w/out php errors. attempt to view file results in Error. i get a 403! recall, i am logged in as root.

it's safe to say that all other files on localhost work (w/out checking every single file on the drive of course) -- the problem is only w/ this file that i opened in php eclipse.

any ideas? thanks for bearing w/ me and reading all of that.