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    Is there any way to setup a script or a cron job so that I get notified when a backup fails. this is for redhat 7.1 server.

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    how is you backup running?
    is it a script? a program? what is it backing up? files? databases?

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    There is a jobstack setup to run at a set time everyday. It does system and data save. There is no SW installed just for backup purposes, I think we are using one of the features of Linux 7.1 server. Since I'm watchin more than a 100 servers. Right now I have to log in to each server and tail of check the logfile the back up generates to see if the full save is still running or not. But if some how I can setup a job that monitors that logfile or anything so that I get an email notification when the backup fails that will save me from logging in to each server to check the save. To give you an Idea some of the reasons the backup fails and the error messages I see on the log file are:

    Insufficient tape space
    CPIO error
    tape is write protected.

    So when I find out that the save has failed, I have to correct the problem and ran a manual backup.
    By the way there is no GUI on our servers, it is all from the command line.

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    Try out andutteye it can help you with monitoring the backuprogram and trace the logfile and send alarm,email run recovery programs if it fails or take other actions.

    im using it at work on 20 servers with very good results....


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