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    Sendmail Authentication

    Hello everyone,

    Before someone points me to the other post about the sendmail authentication - I've already looked there and followed what was posted there. After doing all that to the and restarting sendmail it still does not work.

    I can get connected to the server and then it asks for the password so I enter the password... to no avail it keeps asking for it over and over again.

    Does anyone have any idea why? I've been all around the Internet searching my eyes off and I still can't come up with a solution. Do I really need to configure something in with sendmail like Cyrus Sasl or Starttls?

    Please help me.

    Thank you,


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    yes, sendmail alone does not offer authentication, personally, i would not worry. nobody really goes around and sending mail from random smtp servers for good times. but if you worry, try sasl. i have never used it, but i do belive you need to compile it into sendmail, though i am not sure...

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    Well, no matter what I try to do with the authentication it will not work for me. I have tried every configuration I can think of... I even compiled Openssl into Sendmail. I can tell the certificates are working because when I get connected to the server it asks me if I want to accept the certificate... I accept the certificate but, it keeps asking me for the password like it isn't able to verify the username and password at all. Is there something I am missing?

    - Jaytea21

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