I've finally got INN up and running.

I need some advice, though...

My ISP won't let post articles with IHAVE so I have to use POST. I have several servers I want to pull news from, each of which may have different messages in any given group
(one reason for the multiple servers, aside from speed).

Pulling news from several servers DOES work nicely, but I then run into a problem with the posting.

I'll offer an example here:
Lets say there are two servers, A and B, that I pull and post news on.

Say that A has a message that B doesn't have for whatever reason.

Now, MY server will have all the message that either have in that group. The problem is that if I then post a reply to that message, it will get sent out to both A and B. Users of B will see the reply but not the main part of the message.

Since I can't use IHAVE, I can't forward the original to B either.

Is this a problem? I know there are normally some orphan replies, but I don't want to annoy too many people with it.

MY OTHER problem is with the feeds. Is there a way to exclude any non-locally-posted news from an outgoing batch feed? Currently, I have to exclude every server I use in every outgoing newsfeed.

I'm running INN 2.3.5, with a combination of suck and my own perl scripts for pull/posting feeds.