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    Which distribution?


    I'm studying/working as a web developer. I'm comfortable setting up MAMP & LAMP systems, but would like to learn how to set up a linux server as well.

    Which distribution of Linux is most commonly used in the industry for web servers?


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    The thing to remember is that any linux distribution can be used for any purpose. That's the beauty of Open Source. Generally speaking at enterprise level you'd normally see Red Hat or Novell, and more generally Debian is often a preferred choice because of its stability.

    In this case you may want to have a look throughout the forum, there is already a lot of threads on this.

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    i'm not tryin to be the synical one here jimz but what exactly does LAMP stand for? I coulda swore it was "Linux" Apache Mysql and PHP. U said u were comfortable with that... Neway.. I'd say the distro is pure preference. I'm a slack user for life so i'd choose slackware.. Whatever you like the best is what i'd go with.

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    Sorry mate, I meant MAMP & WAMP... Thanks for the advice.

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    RHEL - RedHat Enterprise Linux, and SEL SuSE Enterprise Linux are two popular distros in the corporate environment. Check out CentOS or Fedora to get a feel for RHEL, and download OpenSuSE to get used to SuSE. For a more advanced do-it-yourself distro, check out Debian, Slackware, or Gentoo.

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    Hi, jimz.

    In addition to the recommendations here, see also the comparative tables at ... cheers, drl
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