I'm using MS IIS5-SMTP as a mail relay server with GFI Mailsecurity to scan e-mail for virusses. I can assure you that MS isn't stable and is not completely virus proof. Our company receives a lot of e-mail daily and a lot of those are virusses.
So, now I'm looking for a good/better/best replacement of our current mail security server. I'm thinking of using Red Hat Linux 9 for stability with the best virusscanner for linux that can protect my Microsoft Exchange server and domain (our network is completely build with Microsoft products). It's possible that I'm going to use Red Hat later as a firewall to.
What, in your opinion, virus scanning products are the best to choose from?
Another important thing is that I'm able to block e-mail with specific attachments and e-mail from specific persons and domains. I'm thinking of a setup in which e-mail is received by a MS ISA 2000 server (I don't think I can block a lot of virus attachments since virusses are more and more in zip format). MS ISA can than publish e-mail to the Red Hat virus scanning server. This server then will deliver e-mail to my MS Exchange server after scanning the e-mail for virusses.
Or, is it better to let Red Hat directly receive al incomming e-mail and thereby also all internet traffic?

Hope to hear some good ideas from you all! Please contact me for further questions/explanations.

Thank you in advance!


Jan Martijn