I have been taking care of a website that has both a .com and a .co.uk domain.
The company who I have built this site for can access the site via the .co.uk address but the .com always takes them to their office server where an old version of the site is kept.

I have no experience with servers other than via a control panel for the company that I have webspace with (1and1).
It is my understanding that the localhost on the office server has somehow been given a domain name of theukoffice .com and this is what is causing the error.

Now i know it would be simple just to get them to browse to the .co.uk domain but some of the links here are hard coded as .com rather than using /whatever/wherever.php or ../here/there.php site relative links. So pretty soon they end up back on the office server version of the site.

The server is samba with all the computers running xp or win 2000. How easy would it be to change the office server so it didnt resolve as the .com ? and if this change was made would all the office PC's need re-configuring because of this change

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