Dear All, this is my first post
I'm using Dell Laptop in WinXP SP2, my laptop connected to the office network domain controller and got DHCP IP 10.202.XX.XXX. I already turn of my Windows Firewall.

Then i want to setup another separate network from my office, only for testing matter. So i add WLAN card in my laptop (, connect to LinkSYS WRT54G set as DHCP Server ( and i setup Redhat 9 Server in Compaq Proliant ML370 ( connect to the linksys using cable.

Samba 2.2.7 already installed in Redhat 9, so after some configuration for file sharing, my Windows XP could access (read write) in Redhat. But Redhat couldnt do the same way. I used smbclient -L and its said:
Anonymous login successful
but i found some error in:
Error returning browse list: NT_Status_access_denied
and list of server

So i need your help, is there anyone know how to solve this problem. I also have check my windows sharing from other computer. (my friend computer (WinXP) in the same network) and the file sharing are running Ok. Thankyou very much