I am running on a private network under a firewall and I got ports 20 and 21 forwarded through the firewall, but I cannot get vsftpd to be an active ftp server, it keeps on running in passive mode, expecting to establish a connection on high ports which there is no way for me to open on the firewall.

I tried that option in the txt setup file... something with activeate port 20=YES or something like that, (then restarted the server, rebooted the computer, unplugged the power, checked to make sure it restarted with the field set to yes and is uncommited, etc...)

I can see the ftp server when I do ftp://localhost I can also see it when I use another computer within the private network with the private dhcp address, but when I use an outside computer I cannot reach the server.

what am I missing?
Thank you,