I'm running Squid 2.5Stable1 as my proxy server it works fine, and I've got only a few questions :

a) I've set up using latest Webmin[wich was a mistake], and I'm getting an error IP adress parts away from subnet mask. [I've entered in the ACL IP in webmin like SUB]. Please be so kind and tell me what line
do I need to add to my squid.conf file to allow connections from
b) How can I tell Squid to keep files for only one week [those that are not opened again in a week], what is the command for this?
c) I've set a 10GB partition for Squid, it runs on that, what is reccomended?, to use seperate partitions or one big?, any other tweaks you reccomend perhaps?
Now this is something that is a real problem to me...I've looked trough a few howtos, and guides but no real help.

Here is the schematic of the two locations I wan't to connect :

PC[personal]---->[Linux Bridge1] ----VPN----[Linux Bridge2]-------PC2[personal]

What I want to do is set up a VPN connection that works all the time [24/7], and
it should encrypt every packet beetween Linux Bridge 1 and 2.

Can anyone tell me step-by-step [Please! ] how to do this?
[if I send data from PC to PC2 it would be automaticaly encrypted]
I've already installed quiet a few samba servers and they work good, file/print servers.
Now the question would be, is there a Utility , Console or X11 that can monitor who opened what file in realtime , a utility that is something like Novell has for it's fileservers.
Please help
-------Monitoring Local Trafic------------------------------------------------------------------------
I've got a quiet a bigger LAN with 65 computers, 3 subdomains 192.168.0.x , 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x...and they go trough a NAT/Proxy server into 192.168.10.x.

What I would like to do is to measure traffic for each client seperately, no need for graphs and the those visual thingies just like this Download 100MB , Upload 10MB....and it would be really great if the program would not forget the download/upload after every new day, it should just continue till I delete the output file or something.

Is there a program somewhere out there wich can do this for me?

note : I've tried MRTG,NTop, but not exactly what I need...and iptraf, it would be great
but the MAC adress thingie is not good for me, I need IP adresses, trafanlal logs trafic in a really strange way.

Please help me if you can.

Robert B