I am quite new to Linux having upgraded my SOHO server to SUSE10 about 5/6 months ago. Everything is finally coming into place and beginning to make sense (or so I thought!) - Sound familiar yet?

I have a small number of users who can receive mail having successfully configured Fetchmail to distribute from their POP3 accounts. Unfortunately Sending mail is still giving me trouble. Internal is fine: delivery is quick and I don't think has failed yet! On the other hand external always errors with the following MX lookup failure.

"554 refused mailfrom because return MX does not exist (in reply MAIL FROM command)"

I believe this is because my local host is (eg) budgie.loc that obviously does not exist in any other DNS, so fails.

My simple question is how can I set POSTFIX/SENDMAIL to successfully send mail - Ideally the reply address would be different for each user (ie. thier POP3 account) but the actual sending account could be the same for all 3 (perhaps the mail account from my ISP)

This all sounds simple to me but can I find any configuration for this - umm..... not yet!

Could you please let me know if I am wasting my time and advise what I should be doing...

You time is appreciated