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    Suse 10- invalid DN - Can not add user to LDAP

    Just installed Open-Xchange on Suse 10, and am having a hell of a time with LDAP, adding a user. To date I have yet to find an answer, and after scrolling through the internet I do seem to see a lot of issues concerning LDAP and Suse's install.

    invalid DN

    From SLAPD.CONF:
    suffix "dc=sam,dc=com"
    rootdn "uid=Admin,dc=sam,dc=com"

    From etc/open-xchange/admintools.conf"
    # LDAP Admin
    # LDAP Admin Passwd

    Running "ldapsearch -x -W -D uid=Admin,dc=sam,dc=com" is successful giving me a full listed for "Admin"

    I have run a search and replace of:

    To insure that "" has replaced every instance of ""

    An LDAP browser fetchs a base DN of dc=sam,dc=com, and I can log into LDAP using "uid=Admin,dc=sam,dc=com" just fine. So what could cause the "invalid DN" for "" be?

    Where are the LDAP logs under Suse 10? They seem to be non-existant

    Also, why would I get "Invalid credentials (49) when doing a search for a user that I can not add?

    Suse10:/ # ldapsearch -x -W -D uid=sam,dc=sam,dc=com
    Enter LDAP Password:
    ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49)

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    try to use cn instead of uid

    Suse10:/ # ldapsearch -x -W -D cn=sam,dc=sam,dc=com
    or the part uid=sam, should it really be sam, might be a typo..

    Suse10:/ # ldapsearch -x -W -D uid=admin,dc=sam,dc=com

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    This was a big help for me. Thanks so much!

    Here's something that changes a user's password and clears the password expiration bit.

    # Given that OP1 is the user's old password
    # Given that P1 is the user's new password
    # Given that this is the right dn for the user -- in this example it's $ You'll have to adjust that.
    # For instance, in my office, we have to use 'uid=$USER,ou=users,dc=ace,dc=motorola,dc=com'
    ldappasswd -D "uid=$USER,dc=sam,dc=com" -x -w "$OP1" -s "$P1" "uid=$USER,dc=sam,dc=com"
    echo -e "dn:uid=$USER,dc=sam,dc=com\nreplace:shadowLastCha nge\nshadowLastChange:$((`date '+%s'` / 86400))" | ldapmodify -x -w "$P1" -D "uid=$USER,dc=sam,dc=com"

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