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    Number of users linux can generally handle?

    Title is pretty self explanitory but just to be clear we're dealing with numbers such as 10,000+ users, will it choke ? This doesnt mean anything but what is done by "adduser" command by the way.

    Thanks all!

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    Your server capacity depends primarily on hardware and overall server resources. Just like any other server platform, your performance is based upon the number and speed of your NICs, the amount of memory, type and overall capacity of your hard drive, and type of network. You are asking a pretty broad question, here. What services will this server be performing? File and print servers are pretty low on the I/O side as compared to Web and database servers.

    In order to gauge server capacity, you should sand box a Linux machine and configure the necessary services then run some metrics on the installation to determine optiminum capacity based upon current configuration.

    Only through proper testing can you answer the above question.

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    Before kernel 2.4.16 was released, the maximum physical number of users the system could support was about 64,000. Now it's 4.1 Billion, but I'm pretty sure you'd need some special filesystem jiggery-pokery to provide all of those users with their own user space.

    If you reach close to capacity, could you let us know, I'm pretty sure it'd be some kind of record...
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