Hi all,

I have recently changed my home server box from micro$oft to Fedora 5. The purpose of this server is to create a web dev environment using apache and to serve files to 4-5 winXP machines.

I have a 1.4Ghz, 512MB RAM and 3 hdds usind ide interface. One hdd is mounted as root, the other two hdds are mounted as a software raid. The raid volume is the source of all shares for samba.

When accessing the shared volume from a winXP box, stability ceases to exist. Small files <1MB can be transfered up or down with little problem. The problems arise with larger files. If the transfer starts speed is <500kb/s on a base100 line and after a MB or two has transfered, an error pops up stating the network resource has been lost and the explorer process freezes. After a min or two the explorer process resumes stability, the file is not copied.

I also share mp3's in this volume each averaging around 3mb. Media player will only play the 1st few seconds before freezing.

Can anyone help with this situation?

Thanks in advance