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    Unhappy Can't place my website

    Sorry if this question has been answered before, but I couldn't the answer here...

    A few months ago I got my hands on an old computer. The computer is worthless as normal computer (with games, applications etc.), so I wanted to make a server from it. I've installed Ubuntu and learned some Linux basisc. Then I've installed Apache, PHP and MySQL, and now I want to test if my website-in-making is working online. But when I want to place my index.html file in /var/www, it says I don't have the rights to do so. "No problem", I would say. I already learned how to use chmod, so why would this be different? Too bad, too bad. Although I've used chmod to give everyone the rights to read and write, I still can't place any file in it and I can't make any folder, no matter how many times I use chmod.

    What is wrong? Why can't I write /var/www while the properties of the folder tell me that I do can? Has it something to do with Apache?

    Thanks in advance


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    Just use sudo cp to copy your html. Or, you can simply enable the root account and login and switcht to su to copy the files. I usually configure Samba and share out the /var/www directory via Samba, that way I never have to touch the servers unless I need to reconfigure.

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    I forgot to mention that I use the Desktop version, and that I have about the same problem with Samba

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    Well then, I would tackle one fire first. I wouldn't chmod on the /var/www directory for security implications. I would simply login and use the CLI and do a sudo cp from your source to the destination (/var/www).

    The desktop version has no bearing on this, since you are merely running X atop apache, mysql and the other dameons you've installed.

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    Lol, I said I knew a few basics, but that doesn't make me an expert :P :P. What's CLI?

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    command line interface

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    And how do I use a sudo cp?

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    can you please give us ls -ld /var/www and as which user you are trying to copy? if you are a normal user, the root user should allow you to do su.

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    Sorry, but if he/she hasn't enabled the root account in Ubuntu, you can only sudo to gain root. However, if he/she wants to enable root, type sudo passwd and type and confirm the new root password. Once this is done, you can login as root and su as another user.

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    Ok, I've asked a friend of mine to help me (goes a little faster) and I've got a few commands to try. I'll see if this works first. (BTW, I do have the root account enabled)...

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