I am attempting to configure my ftp domain to function such that it is the sole means of connecting to my ftp server via a domain (not including the actual ipaddress:21). I have it configured in my BIND setup as a CNAME of the top level domain.com which is mapped as an A record to my IP.

ftp.domain.com. IN CNAME domain.com.

As it is presently, I can connect to my ftp server via domain.com as well as all configured subdomains. I can also access my top level DocumentRoot on my webserver via http://ftp.domain.com/, which is not preferable. I would like for it to not register at all as http://ftp.domain.com/ in a web browser, but if this is not possible, have it redirect to ftp://ftp.domain.com/. I did toy with the possibility of setting up a virtual host for ftp.domain.com, but I was unaware as to how to disable the default error pages that Apache 2.0 issues, on a per virtual host basis. It would redirect to noindex.html, as there was no index.html present in the DocumentRoot.

Sorry to ramble, this has been a long search for the right answer. Any help is greatly appreciated .