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    Samba server trouble Windows 2000 WINS server


    I am having trouble with samba and how its recognised from a windows server 2000 WINS server. The aim of the samba server is to act as a Local Master Browser for a subnet of our network.

    The main network has the windows 2000 WINS server running and the samba server is currently running the most basic setup for local master broswer.

    The samba server does register with the WINS but only as a Workstation, File Server and Messenger but not as a Local Master Browser.

    The windows server has an ip of


    workgroup = OFFICE
    netbios name = B-ROUTER
    server string = Samba Server

    bind interfaces only = Yes
    interfaces = eth1 lo

    local master = yes
    os level = 65
    domain master = no
    preferred master = yes
    wins server =

    Another thing that is strange is that non of the windows computers within the subnet become the local master broswer on the WINS server either when samba is not running.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks for looking.


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    Do you have any domain controllers on that IP subnet or strictly WINS?

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    Read in

    Remember, Samba cannot communicate with Windows WINS servers. If you are using Samba as your WINS server, you must make sure not to allow any Windows systems or other Samba servers on your network to be configured as WINS servers. If you do, their WINS databases will not synchronize, resulting in inconsistent name resolution.
    I'm not sure if current Samba version has resolved this problem.

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