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    Can't access http://localhost any more (fine before)

    Hey there

    I recently installed Apache2.0, PHP4.4.3, and mySQL5 from source on my PC which is running SUSE 10.1. I'm new to linux and only got SUSE installed a couple of weeks ago. I had apache etc running fine until today.

    Now when I try and access http://localhost I get 'can't establish a connection to the server at localhost'. I don't get any error messages when starting apache. And if I try to start it again I get "httpd (pid 4087) already running". MySQL still starts fine.

    All I've done between it working and not working is tidy up my files and directories a bit, and edit my profile. But I didn't touch the directories with Apache, PHP or MySQL in. I've obviously messed something up somewhere but as I can't think of anything relevant that I've touched, I've no idea where to look. Any suggestions as to what to check or what I might have messed up would be really appreciated!


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    Problem over. I had apache listening on port 81 and I think the newer skype took over that port rather than 80 as it normally does. I changed apache back to 80 and all is well. It just seems weird that I didn't get an error message about that port being used by something else :/

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    change port

    how to change port ..///

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    Quote Originally Posted by akamol
    how to change port ..///
    From httpd.conf file - Listing port to 80

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