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    Accessing samba shares from work network

    Hello all,
    I am wanting to access my samba shares from my works network. The problem being that evrything is blocked apart from internet activity. I have installed a proxy so that everything is tunnelled thru port 80 therefore solving problems like ftp and ssh etc.
    The problem being when connecting to samba through windows there is no way of sending it through a proxy first.
    is there any way round this or any way to connect through the net?
    Thanks Mark

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    Use SSH. You may have problems connecting to your own lan if you dont have a static IP address. This topic has come up many times before - I suggest you do a search for ssh-related topics that have already been covered, and give it a try. If there's anything about it you dont understand - then ask away here.
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    Hi there,
    I am already using ssh via securecrt which works as you can point it through a proxy.
    The problem being I want to be able to open my shares at work in windows so that I can use the files within them.
    For Instance I have a lot of documents and programmes I want to use. And also I access it to play music which is all stored on my server. So I'm not sure ssh is going to help me access the share to be able to play music and open my files or is it??!!
    Cheers Mark
    BTW All the home computers inc my server have static ips!

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    you might want to check THIS.. though have'nt tried it myself...

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    Why don't you just put a second NIC in and setup a VPN server for secure access. Or, even easier, if you have a second low-end machine, install IPCop. For now, SSH would be your better bet.

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