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    Problems With SquidGuard

    Hi All,

    I hope someone can help me because i'm pulling my hair out over this one.

    I have a squid proxy server that is configured as a child proxy, relaying all proxy request to the parent proxy server in a different office. This has been working fine for the last four months.

    Now its been decided that we want to limit access via this proxy server to appooximatly 5 websites. I setup another squid proxy to test with and configured squid guard to only allow access to a few sites and to re-direct all other trafic back to google. This woked fine, however this test proxy was not configured to use a parent cahce.

    I then installed squidguard onto the live server and configured it in the same way, however now when I request any websites i get a connection faiure, looking at the squid access.log it appears that is not trying to re-direct the trafic to the parent cache.

    below is a sample of my squidguard.conf file:

    dbhome /etc/squidguard/squidguarddb
    logdir /var/log/squidguard

    destination accesslist{
    log accesslist
    domainlist accesslist/domains
    urllist accesslist/urls


    acl {
    default {
    pass accesslist none
    redirect 302:

    currently my domainlist consists of the following for testing:

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    you said you looked at the squid log, how bout the squidguard log file, make sure its not going into emergency mode. after (re)starting the server you want it to say ready for requests.

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    Thanks for the reply, I've had a look at the squidguard log and it has the following in it:

    2006-08-24 09:26:01 [814] squidGuard 1.2.0 started (1156494361.910)
    2006-08-24 09:26:01 [814] squidGuard ready for requests (1156494361.912)

    when squid is configured not to use squidguard as the redirect program i get the following in access.log:

    1156493731.453 477 TCP_MISS/304 283 GET - DEFAULT_PARENT/ -

    However with squidguard I get the following:

    1156494645.555 1 TCP_MISS/302 160 GET - NONE/- -

    It dowsn't seem to be using the default parent.

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