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    Angry problems with smbfs... help plzzzzz!!!

    When i go to enable the smbfs i get:

    /etc/init.d/smbfs start returned 6 (program is not configured):
    Mount SMB/ CIFS File Systems

    Its not allowing me to enable it..............
    Im trying to setup a network with my windows xp labtop and was wondering if anyone could help me with this.......


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    You have to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf.

    There are lots of choices, since there are lots of different ways to configure a Microsoft network. But if you just go through the default version (that gets installed with the samba-common package), read the comments and check 'man smb.conf', you should be able to do OK.

    There is a section in 'man smb.conf' labled 'EXPLANATION OF EACH PARAMETER' that explains, well, each parameter in the file. If you aren't familiar with man, once you've run the command and are looking at the man file, type /EXPL and press ENTER and it will jump to that section. Press 'h' to see some navigation help.

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    actually, if you just wanna access the XP box from your linux box via smb, you dont need to enable samba server in your linux box... the kernel already has a built-in support on it.. well, on the other way, ofcourse, you can't access linux from windows via samba unless samba server has been enabled...

    so to access the XP from linux via smb.. you can open your filebrowser (konque or nautilus), then just type just like a url
    where xxx.... is the ip address of xp box... or if you knew the workgroup defined at XP box, then you can just type

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