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    Does this sound right?


    I'v been using Mandrake 9.2 for about a week now and am very happy with it ... planning on using this machine as a server ... now i think i might have Apache installed already but not quiet sure...

    When i was installing Mandrake, i chose the option to install server packages ... now keep in mind this computer is not yet hooked up to the internet ... i'm getting a router tomorrow and gonna try to set it up ...

    When i open a www browser (Konqeror) and type in http://localhost it takes me to a page with a mandrake logo and states ...

    " This site is powered by Apache-AdvancedExtranetServer blahblah...
    Note: if you are seeing this instead of the webpage you expected, it's most likely the server is not fully configured...
    Congratulation: The web server software on this system is operational
    blah blah blah "

    I know it sounds like it's installed and up and running, but i just wanna make sure if this is what i think it is ... i was reading all these docs about setting it up and stuff, and i didn't even know that it was already up ...

    Another question, where is this installed, i'v looked all over the place and i can't find it ... i'v been trying to look for a /www directory but no luck ...

    Sorry if this sounds too basic, i know it probably does ... i'm just starting out and hopefully i can learn how all this works...

    Thank you!

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    Sounds to me as if everything is installed propperly, you see the default "weclome page", which is good, if you hadn't seen that apache woud have had problems.
    The default folder you should put your html code is i /var/www/html, put a html page the which you call index.htm and you should see that page when go to http://localhost.
    If that folder doesn't exist, locate the file httpd.conf (for me it resides in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf), and look for the line starting with DocumentRoot, the path in the quotes is where you should out your files. this is the line in my config:
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/html"
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    if you see the congrats message then you have got apache configured allright...but on mandrake i dont know where it installs....
    but apache is setup allright.
    you can run
    #ps -ef | grep httpd
    and then can determine where it is from the path that you get.
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    Hi ...

    Thanks for the replies ... i did find the folder under /var/www it has a few sub folders i believe they were /icons , /html , /perl and such ... can't remember and i'm at work right now so i can't check ...

    But anyways, so i'm guessing that Apache is automatically set up to listen to port 80? is this right? and that Apache displays the "index.html" file automatically as well ... now if i want the main entery web page to be called lets say main.html, then that's something i would have to switch in httpd.conf? am i on the right track here?

    And one last one, sorry about this ... i'm about to go to my local computer shop after work to get a router, any suggestions on which one to get? not planning on spending a lot of cash on this, but if it's a must then i'll have to ... I'm pretty sure you guys/girls have experience with this so i thought i might as well ask ...

    Thank you!

    Edit: by the way this is for a cable internet connection

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    yes the main config file for apache is'll have to edit that file to...for main.html edit the line that says
    DirectoryIndex main.html,index.html
    as for the router...a d-link 4 port works fine for me..i got it for 25$
    Fixing Unix is better than working with Windows.

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