I am trying to accomplish something that has thus far eluded me. I have succesfully installed qmail+spamassassin+squirrelmail (via qmailrocks) on my linux box. This is working fine. However, I'd like to set up a virtual domain on my qmail server so that I can download mail from my yahoo account through either fetchmail or getmail. (At first, I'll be using YPops but will later change to the paid service, once I get this working.) I'm interested in doing this so that I can control the spam filtering rather than relying on yahoo.

I can think of two ways to do this. I could either set up a virtual domain (yahoo.com) in vpopmail and have fetchmail or getmail route my email to that account. I think this might cause a problem if I need to send e-mail to other yahoo accounts. I'm thinking that qmail will think that all yahoo addresses are local and won't route them to the remote smarthost. Maybe there is a way around this that I'm not aware of.

Another alternative is to install a different virtual domain such as mydomain.com and have fetchmail or getmail translate my yahoo.com mail to the mydomain.com account. Of course, I'd have to somehow set my "reply to" address to be my yahoo account.

So far, I have been unable to get this work. I'm certain it can be done. I'm just missing something. One of the problems I've encountered is that fetchmail isn't translating my yahoo.com account to my mydomain.com account. I am unable to get getmail to do this either. I'm testing all of this as "root", so maybe this is part of the problem. I'm not sure. I'm struggling with the fetchmail, qmail-smtpd and qmail-send logs and so far have been unable to successfully track down the problem.

If anyone has done this or can offer some advice on configuring qmail with fetchmail/getmail, I would certainly appreciate it.