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Thread: Samba Problems

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    Samba Problems

    I've always had one problem or another with samba, it never works right.
    Ive been working with the guys over at reallylinux, using to get it up and running. After each time ive formatted ive always had one problem or another.
    First problem. Im running FC5 in a home network with two Windows XP Home computers. In that article, it describes to make users and things. All of the XP user accounts on both home computers are identical, with the same username on both computers. No passwords. When i set security to user mode(like the article says), it doesnt work at all, every time i try and access something it asks for a password, so i type the samba password and username that i entered.
    It rejects it and replaces the user "Stephen" with /OFFICE/Stephen. So i changed the username to /OFFICE/Stephen on samba, and it still doesnt work.
    So i switched to share level security, allowing everyone to change files and access things. But its incredibly slow and buggy, this is probably connected to a slow internet problem im having too (another thread). Due to this problem, i cant update samba because yum cant connect to a mirror. Fedora cannot connect properly to other computers, each folder takes ages to load and you cant see anything, even though you can write to it, and on both home computers, the folder never shows in my network places, you have to open workgroup computers which takes an age to open up the fedora computer, and then navigate to a folder.

    Attached is SMB.conf and some log files. ive been using the built in tools to configure it, but maybe someone with more knowledge could mofify it for me?
    Workgroup: qnet
    Office - XP Home SP2 -
    Bedroom - XP Home SP2 -
    Fedora - Fedora Core 5 -
    Dynalink RTA1025W
    subnet mask:
    Is the DNS for all three computers.

    I want everyone on the network to be able to access and write to anything.
    Thanks if anyone can iron out the creases.
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    OK, here are the changes I'd make smb.conf:

    add the following by editing/uncommenting:
    hosts allow = 192.168.1.
    security = user
    encrypt passwords = yes

    Then make sure the windows users have a password equivalent set to blank in the unix world, to do this use the 'smbpasswd' command for each user, if they've not set passwords already, then add them one with 'smbpasswd -a ...'. See the manpage for smbpasswd for more help with this command if you get stuck.

    Make sure that each user has a unix account, if the usernames are different between unix and windows, them map them with the /etc/samba/smbusers file. Entries in here are simpe, one line for each '<unixusername> = <windowsusername>'.

    Make sure the permissions are set for the unix directory '/Server' - the best way here is to set the group ownership (with chgrp) to 'users' and make sure all your unix users are in the users group (edit /etc/group to add them in). Also make sure that '/Server' has group read, write and (if necessary) execute permissions (with 'chmod g+rwx /Server').

    restart Samba, ('service smb restart' works in redhat and fedora) and make all your windows users log on again (a windows restart will do the job - they'll be used to that anyway ).
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