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Thread: Name resolution

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    Name resolution


    I am new to linux and just setup a redaht 9.0 server with BIND for the company DNS server (we use to use a windows 2000 server). I have punched in all the servers I have to resolve to for IP resolution and it works great. However, when I tracert to an IP address that is NOT in BIND, it will not return the name of the PC, where this did work on the windows server. Is there any way to return the PC name when I either ping or tracert the box? What do I have to do in Redhat or Bind to get this to work? Thank you for your help and patience with a slow man.....


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    the server can only return addresses of PCs it knows about. so if you are trying to ping a client pc that is not registered with bind then you won't find it. you could set all the clients to use DHCP and get the dhcpd daemon to keep bind updated.

    Or if you are trying to ping other foreign addresses then you need to make sure that your root hints file is set up so that the server knows how to forward requests to the net.

    In my old setup we had a domain name pointing at our ISP for our website and I wanted our LAN to be * so I set up the server to be authoritive for * this meant that I couldn't look at my own website! so I then set the option of forward first.

    Don;t know if any of that helps you - but I get a real kick out of rambling.
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