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    Cool A mail server mystery

    Hello all, I am a java programmer by trade and a couple of months ago I got wrangled into being the IT person for our small company. Part of this was inheriting a mail server that also doubles as a web server and internet gateway (sounds like a bad idea I know but that is another post). The computer is a Dell poweredge that runs Slackware 10.0. This setup services about 25 email accounts that are linked to our domain name (as in

    The problem is that when people sendmail from thier outlook it hangs in thier out boxes. I changed the server timeout from one to five minutes and this is keeping the mail going for now but I cannot find the problem.

    I have restarted sendmail, rebooted the server, checked the mail que, checked to running processses, and it all appears normal. Website and internet are functioning, ands mail is recieved with no problems.

    I could use some serios help!!!

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    Does the mail log on the slack box give any indication that the windows machines even try to connect? Do they show any errors? Maybe you could post a sample from the mail log here for us to take a look at?
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    I found the problem!

    In answer to your question the windows boxes do logon but it is slow. I found that if I set the server time out to 5 minutes so that things in the out boxes would go to the server. The graphics designer then told me that she is having a problem using FTP to post alterations to our web site. Since I don't believe in coincidences I thought that there might be a problem with the Ethernet card for the stream coming from the workstations into the server. I checked the connection and found that it was going to the on board (built onto the mother board) Ethernet connection. I went into the bios and disabled this feature then installed an other Ethernet card and configured it with the correct IP etc. It worked like a champ and the problem is fixed.

    Thanks for your time and reply, I do appreciate the help.

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