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    Hey guyz this is Ayush, i m new to ur site mine also now, guyz i really found many great posters here in. So i also want to take advantage of ur help, My problem is i know a very little about linux, now i m planning to setup a mail server in my college which will b a dual Xeon computer, running Linux latest red hat's enterprise edition for servers, v guyz here r planning squirrel to b our mail server, Now as i don't know much i m unable to do this but i hav already taken the resposibility, so could u guyz plz help me out right from the installation up to da configuration of squirrel.

    Thnx guyz,

    as it was mah first post plz forgive me for da typos.

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    Firstly, welcome to the forum.

    Secondly, can I please draw your attention to the fact that this is a multi-national forum, and as a result we have many visitors who's first language isn't English - so can you please use standard English wherever possible because this really does help those who struggle to understand the language.

    Now, on to the real issue. I think you need to analyse what you're really planning to do, because Squirrelmail isn't a mail server; it's a web-based front end for your mail server.

    My personal mail server (which takes care of my email and that of the five others who live with me) is configured using CentOS (which is a community published rebadge of RedHat Enterprise Linux without the support contract) and Sendmail sat on the end of a proper mail feed from my ISP.

    Attached to that, I have Dovecot providing POP3 and IMAP access to email, although everyone uses IMAP 'cos it's much better than pop3. As this box is also a mail server, the users I've allowed can use it to check their mail from anywhere over the internet using Squirrelmail's front end connected to the IMAP server at the other end. Everyone inside the LAN uses their favourite email client, usually Evolution, but some still use Outlook from Windows (although, as it's IMAP, they can choose whichever they like in each session and get all the same mail each time).

    Authentication (yes, you're going to need that) is provided by Fedora Directory Server, which uses an LDAP database to provide accounts and a Windows XP domain for those who still cant bear to split from the dreaded Microsoft Monster. You dont have to go this far, but I find it adds quite a bit to the network - including a global address book for keeping a list of extra emails in so we dont have to worry about losing any of that.
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