first of all, I thank you very much for all the information you give. I always read these forums worthwhile.

At present I'm running my own server at home. It runs on Suse Linux 10.0 and with a very basic hardware infraestructure. It allows me to have different domains on the net and of course script(perl, php...)-database(mysql)-applications(tomcat) possibilities that I often need. This layer works fine and I have no complaint about that.

However I find true handicap when I want to obtain DNS and Mail capabilities. And it's an understanding handicap.

I don't know how I must do to install a DNS server although I've ready tried with Bind and so on. I don't know wether I have to buy FQDN in order to obtain ns1.mydomain.com and so on, or just the DNS server does it. I don't know how I can change the information of my ISP in order to obtain that the domains are administered by my machine. And I don't know wether there is connection between DNS server and Virtual Hosting at Apache and Multidomain at Mail.

Sorry. I know this is a lot of stuff, but I needed to ask for help after too many tutorials, how-to and guides without success.