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    Squid proxy slow to serve up HTML pages


    I am running SLES10 with Squid 2.6Stable3 and DansGuardian2.8.0.6. My hardware is a Dell PowerEdge1750, XEON Dual Core 2.8GHz, 1GB Ram, 68GB RAID5 SCSI. All is configured and working correctly.

    My issue is many sites populate slower than a client that is not using the proxy. By slower I mean several seconds. Now I realize this is not much but I'm wondering what I can do to maximize performance. I have tired removing DansGuardian from the configuration, setting ulimit = 8192 in my rcsquid script (and reconfigured after setting this ulimit), setting cache_dir = aufs /usr/local/squid/var/cache 1000 16 256, setting cache_dir = null - but don't see any noticeable affect from these.

    My current config is --enable-basic-auth-helpers=PAM --enable-async-io --enable-storeio=ufs,aufs,null.

    I have CacheMgr working and am also using SARG.

    I'm looking for any help in tuning my Squid proxy and/or OS to maximize performance.

    I have tried to run WebPolygraph against my Squid but I'm not getting polygraph to run correctly. Can someone suggest another method to use to test my configuration?

    Thank you.


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    This post is too old but no one gave an idea to solve this problem. Actually i have the same situation i am running iptables + squid + dansguardian on Ubuntu 9.04 server and i am having a lot of delays when using the proxy. i replaced squid with tinyproxy for testing but i received the same issue. Here i would like to understand from someone who use a proxy on ubuntu or debian if he's facing same problems because i tried debian with same configuration and I received same results, then i tried to bypass dansguardian and directly use squid so i knew that it's related to squid.

    Currently i am using a very basic configuration on squid.

    Thank you,

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