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    setting up a ventrilo server

    i am trying to run a ventrilo server on ubuntu and i was wondering how i can get others to connect to it. i give the ip and port to my friends- however, they cannot connect. i can connect to it using the network ip. i have also opened up the tcp and udp ports on my router. so how do i get others to connect?

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    Well, plugging in your network IP address doesn't guarantee that the ports are open on your router, though it's a good first check. Who knows what goes on in the innards of those little Wal-Mart boxes.

    A couple of things could be happening:

    1) Someone upstream from you is blocking traffic on that port. This is much more likely if you're at work / in a school / etc.

    2) The people connecting to you are messing up.

    3) Your server is actually filtering people out that aren't from you / your network

    If you have someone you know who knows how to connect, tell them to give it a try. Also look through your configuration file for the Vent server: make sure there's nothing there that's blocking it out.


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    Lightbulb port forwarding

    i had a similar problem and this is an easy fix
    find out what your local ip is (192.168.1.x)
    then point your browser to to get into router config
    log in and find port forwarding
    add a new service and tell it to start and end at the port you want open for vent
    and tell it to forward that port to your local ip of your server machine (192.168.1.x)
    and people should be able to connect
    also for a better vent connection, go to Qos (quality of service) and set that port to highest

    - hope this helps, Ryan

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