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    sendmail and ps waux


    How can I know to which user an e-mail is being sent? When I use the command

    ps waux | grep send

    it shows the external server sending the e-mail,

    root 16045 0.0 0.8 6284 2160 ? S 10:00 0:00 sendmail: ./i2GD0H316045 [200.181.177

    but it doesn't show who is the local recipient.

    Is there any way to show this?


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    ps will show you a process is running.

    IIRC the "mailq" command allows you to query the status of a mail queue, and see what emails are awaiting delivery.


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    sender versus recipient


    yeah I know that mailq shows the local queue of mails to be send. What I want to know is when mail is being delivered to my domain who is the recipient on my server.
    eg. sends a mail to me
    While is delivering the mail to I want to see who the recipient is/will be, i.e. jano

    Any ideas?

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