Hi All,

I need some help in designing a DDNS to work with radius server for ADSL. How do i pull out data from the radius server for those user who subcribe to DDNS services without jeopardising to much of the system resources on the radius server. What information do i need to get from the radius server and should i use an SQL server to store all this information being pull out from the radius server?

How do i clear the data in the SQL server once the user has disconnect from the radius. Also how does the DDNS communicate with the SQL server and pass the information to the end user once the DDNS has been establish for the user. How long should the TTL should be anyway and how do you set this in LInux DDNS.

I'm so sorry for asking all this .. but i'm in a desperate need of a help here. If you guys do have a sample how the DDNS work or if you guys have a existing diagram that show how this interconnect it would be great for me to learn how this all works.. Sometimes picture is better then words..