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    running files from a shared folder

    I hope this is easy!

    I'm trying to load some files to a local website from a shared (fat32) folder. I have the folder of files symbolically linked to the htdocs folder in my apache installation, but the problem is when I go to http://localhost/thatfolder/ I get a permission error.

    When I check the permissions I find they are set for RW for Owner and Group, but not others. I can't change this because fat32 doesn't know the concept of all RW (ie, chmod 777 folder, doesn't work).

    So how do I do this without copying the folder and all the files to my linux partition and changed the permissions? Is there a way to ignore permissions? Its just for developement, and its only local so I don't care about the security.


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    In /etc/fstab, edit the line for the partition, add 'umask=000' to the options for the parition, for instance, mine (for my ntfs partition, but it works the same way) reads:

    /dev/hda3       /media/windows     ntfs     defaults,ro,umask=000  0 0
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