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    Apache Virtual Domain and Sync Servers


    I have RedHat Linux 9.0 installed with Apache on 2 Servers. I want to host 2 sites on a Single Server and make sure that 1 Server is in the Datacentre and other server at the Development Lab. I want to run a Cron Job between the two servers at an interval of 30 Min and made sure that once i update the Development Lab Server, then the Datacentre Server would be updated in 30 min according to the cron job.

    Q1: Would like to host two Websites on a Single Server. If any one could share the procedure for installation, step by step.

    Q2: Would like to know what is CVS(Concurrent Versioning System) and how does it work? The Question I am trying to post here is I want to Sync 2 servers across WAN.

    Q3. How would one create a Cron Executed Script for Sync the 2 servers together or probably a Cron Job? Can anyone share the script or send it via e-mail.

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    Answer 1: Read here
    And or Here.

    Answer 2: Read Here and choose : Manual.

    Answer 3: Just create a bash script that tars the whole dir, uploads it through ftp, and sends remote system calls to unpack it.
    To enable it through Cron. Create a scheduled cron job that executes the script.

    On how to write this type of script: Use Google.
    For remote system calls use the: rsc command
    On writing bash scripts: Try O ' Reilly and google.
    On cron jobs: google.
    For remote backup: example: here
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    for the 3'rd option you would be better off, running rsync over ssh since it'll sync only those files that have been modified. Its a simple process and does not require that many configuration changes either.
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