Hey guys,

I work in a school environment.. unforuneately, that means M$ so this is a 2003 server...

its running apache, php and MySQL 4.1

its setup to run the MRBS (Meeting Room Booking System) from sourceforge.. and has been running rather well for quite some time now.
recently, a user managed to add a booking to the system and not have a username show up, the name is what shows as a link to edit the entry, or view the entries details.

at the moment, we have a lab booked as


this is an issue for us, as this isnt a link, and people are constantly ringing net admin to see whats wrong with it (despite having been told)

eitherway, im no SQL user (or php coder or anything) i can work my way around code from others.. and i can install most things and get them working (everything for this system for instance) the issue that has come up is beyond my abilities to fix.

if anyone is able to let me know HOW to delete that entry from the system it would be GREATLY appreciated.

of interest to anyone investigating the issue.. all staff use one username and password to access the system.. and type their name into the description field for the booking

any help appreciated