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    Virtual User can not log into vsftp ?

    The subject says it all.
    I've searched the vsftp FAQ and googled for an answer without success.
    I can however log in with a standard user.

    It appears that PAM and vsftp are not linked in some way.

    My vsftp.conf:

    I know that I don't need to specify the pam.d ~ ftp since it is the default but nothing else worked and I feel that PAM with vsftp is causing the problem.

    Virtual users are more secure and I want to be able to set up write access for some and not for others.

    My pam.d file:
    auth required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login
    account required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login

    I created the vsftpd_login password file according to instructions.

    As you can see from my .conf file, I'm running vsftp with xinetd, which has the proper config file within it's directory as well.

    I'm at a loss. Using RedHat 9 with vsftp 1.2.1 and berkley db 4.#.



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    Answering my own post...

    I was half right with this problem. I was wrong about vsftp not linking with pam. The problem was that pam (ftp pam.d file) was not setup correctly.

    Below is my pam file. The example pam.d file that came with vsftp was not setup properly, leaving it to the enduser. You must tell the 'ftp' file that's placed in pam.d to use a custom db file. (Note: that is, if you want to use advanced virtual user capabilities in conjunction with the password file supplied with vsftp) Also, the problem with the vsftp redhat file not being correct is quite possibly my fault in that when I installed the rpm, I could not find the included examples so I d-loaded the 1.1.3 source file and got it from there.

    The soucre vsftp will setup thing differently than the rpm! Once again, that might have been the cause of my problem.

    I hope this helps some one else trying to setup vsftp.
    auth required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login
    account required /lib/security/ db=/etc/vsftpd_login

    If anyone finds error in my notes, please correct.


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