I found that

mysql_pconnect('localhost:3306',<user name>,<password>);

does not succeed in my dialup_admin/lib/sql/drivers/mysql/functions.php3

but it works fine if I manually try to connect to mysql:

mysql -h localhost -u <user name> -p<password>

I am using the latest freeradius/dialup_admin source I can find.

BTW, when I say mysql_pconnect does not work, it looks like it is not returning anything at all, not success, nor failure, and the web page simply do not update. if I comment out the mysql_pconnect line in da_sql_pconnect() and force returning success or failure, then the web page can show.

It is my first time touching mysql, php, and I'd greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some hint on where I should look at for this problem. thanks.