Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a Clarkconnect-server as a router at home, but I've run into some problems. I had it up and running earlier today, but when I started it back up after a shutdown to install another fan it wouldn't work again. And I have no idea what I did to get it to work in the first case

My network looks like this:

"Speedtouch 516 moden" <==> CC-server <==> network.

Where it sais network I've tried the following items.

- Wireless router (working only as a hub)
- switch
- Direct connection to a XP-computer.

There are straight cables between every item in the network.

The only item working as a DHCP-server is the CC-server. It has two networkcards and is running CC4.0 home in gateway mode. And my modem runs in bridged mode.

My problem:
I can't get my internet to work. I recieve an external IP to the Network card connected to the modem. And the server delivers IPs to the network, but no matter what I type in the DNS-server lines I get a message that my server can't locate the DNS-server. And I can't ping any outside adresses from my XP-computer.

Any ideas on what can be wrong?