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    Partition recomendations

    I just recently built a Debian/Qmail test server based off of, which consists of qmail, vpopmail, IMAP, Horde, spamassassin, and clam-av. Now I am going to build my production server, but wanted advice on the partitoning scheme. The system specs are as follows;

    PII 266
    384mb RAM
    40gb HD

    This server used to be Redhat with;
    / == 10gb
    /usr2 == 28gb, which was locations for netjuke, http, homes
    swap == 188mb

    I understand the secutiry issues with having one large partition, so I was wondering how I should break them up. This server will have pop/webmail, http, ftp, ssh, phpbb, and netjuke. It will only be used by myself and maybe two or three other people for mail use. This will be a minimal install of Debian - no X, gnome, kde, office, etc.


    / == 4gb
    /home == 5gb
    /mp3s == remainder, hopefully 20gb+, don't ask
    /var == 5gb
    /var/log == 250mb
    /var/www == 5gb
    /tmp == 100mb
    swap == 768mb

    Should /var be broken up even more?
    Is this a too paranoid approach or would it be justified?

    Thanks for the avice

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    Its a good idea is to have /var on its own in case something goes crazy and produces huge logs and fills up the partition it will only fill that and keep the rest of the system ok you could split it up more to make sure that you can still log other stuff still. Next its a good idea to have /usr/local and /home on seperate so when you upgrade or change something your not going to lose anything. HTH

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