Hi all,

I've been around the net and tried to figure out how to forward certain local users on our current postfix server to the new mail server.

Here is the situation in details. We have a postfix+courrier POP3 mail server for our single domain.
All the configurations and mails are in flat files & directories (no mysql). We're running it on Fedora 3. We will be implementing a new mail server (windows based unfortunately). We need to migrate users in batches to the new server. We will be leaving the Postfix server as a simple SMTP + spam filter machine when all is said and done. That way we don't need to or wish to modify any MX records.

So we need to configure postfix to deliver/forward/send the mail for a group of users to the new server. Can anyone help us out?

We've tried to configure a transport map but got confused. It failed and we've tend to get a no transport found bounce back on test messages. The info the web indicates so many different things.

Please help.

Much appreciated.