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Thread: Server Setup

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    Server Setup

    Hello All

    I am a a newbie to linux and wanted to setup a server from my home. I have currently built a computer with Suse Linux 10.1 on it. I would like the server to provide the following services

    email - smtp if possible

    Here is the software i am/would like to use

    webserver = Apache Tomcat. I know apache is the standard but I have a lot of jsps/dynamic content and I have read tomcat can handle this alone. I also read that i can just chnage tomcat to look at port 80 and It will be ok

    database = postgres

    everything needs to be done

    Currently I can use the web app on the computer with localhost, but I need to be able it to use it on and do the email server and ftp setup. Finally I am using a Bellsouth DSL connection (no static ip). If someone can provide insight or post an article link that would be a great help


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    I have only tinkered with most of the above so I may defer to another member on that to help you, but I have experience with DNS. I use Dynamic DNS ( who will provide a free DNS account and service for you.

    You can install a client daemon which will update your new IP address with their servers for you. You may find your router already has inbuilt support - this was the case for me. There are other providers like which may also suit. All you need to do is get a free account, download the client software and run through the install. There is a HOWTO with it but if you are having any trouble post back and I'll try to help out.

    Check out YaST > Software for the other software you are looking for. I think it should all be available in there for you.

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    First of several things, you msut ensure that Bellsouth doesn't block ports 21, 25, 80, and 110 to run these services. Secondly, you must register a domain name and have DNS A and MX records that point to your IP address (either static or dynamic). Lastly, you must forward the appropriate ports from your router to your SuSE box. This is all assuming that your server is properly setup. Asking for help for an entire setup is beyond the scope of this forum. May I suggest some individual research?

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    For some great howtos you may want to look here.
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