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    SPAM protection apps?

    I'm currently running an email server with fedora core 2. I realize it's starting to get a little old but hey I downloaded fedora core 2 when it was new, did an install started up dovecot and bam it's been running awsome since.

    The problem is, dovecot and sendmail both where installed when i installed fedora so I don't know much about them since all I did was adjust their run levels so that they started with the system. I never configured them or anything fancy like that.

    Anyways, I'm just wondering if someone could point me in the way of some really simple way to get spam protection going on this server, because spam is becoming a HUGE problem with most users getting 200 or more spam messages daily. I've tried looking this up myself but I have yet to find any coherently written tuts.

    PS: fedora core 2 comes with spam assasin installed as well, to my knowledge it's running, but if it is it's sure not working very well.

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    I'm not a big fan of sendmail myself. However I would recommend postfix as the mailserver and spamassassin.

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