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Thread: Samba password

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    Samba password

    I have 3 systems. @ XP and one Ubuntu.
    I have set up an XP home network.
    I have set up Samba
    So far I can see my Ubutu system on my XP Windows Network.
    When I try to access Ubuntu a Log In box appears asking for a user name and password.
    My dilema is which user name and password is it asking for.
    My XP system is not passworded. The Ubuntu system is.
    I have tried all username/password combinations I know including my normal Ubuntu one but the log in box just keeps coming back.
    The question is Which username/password should I be using.
    ps. I am a newbie in a fashion. Being a net user from pre WWW days am familiar with unix.
    Help me get over this hurdle and I'll hmmm buy you a beer or cocktail.

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    It's asking for your samba username/password combos.

    I take it that you're running this setup because you have more than one user in the network, and you want to share services. Once you get beyond single users, you enter a new realm - one in which things have 'ownership'.

    You want to be sure that what one user puts on the server is marked as theirs, and that, if they want, they can prevent other getting access to it.

    What this means is that you should turn on username/passwords on the Windows machines so that when they log-on there, the credentials they supply can be re-used by samba. Then you should ensure there is a unix account for each of the windows users with the same username (or with a mapped username in /etc/samba/smbuser), and that you've set up the samba password with 'smbpasswd -a <user>', which must be set to the same thing as their windows password.
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    Thank you for you prompt reply.
    By jove I think I got it. Sometimes the penny gets stuck but eventually it drops.

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